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Orange Planet/WMN - VII
Ms Jinnerstedt's journal
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15th-Mar-2012 01:28 pm - Sailor Lead Crow and Aluminum Siren

I've been wanting to draw these two for a long time, and I've
finally got the time to do it. My favorite villains of the Stars-season.
Sailor Jupiter
14th-Mar-2012 01:23 pm - Spartacus: Blood and Sand Fanart

Base coloring, Naevia remind me of Anthy Himemiya by some reason,,,

And final product!
So glad Spartacus is back on tv these days :)
15th-Jan-2012 02:42 pm - More fanart + lineart.

Photo of the line art...

And the final product, colored in photoshop. I hope to color the
original line art with markers someday in a not too distant future. :)
Utena and touga<3
6th-Jan-2012 09:01 pm - Spring Cleaning

Sorting out the bookshelf to get better order :)

Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth, a pic from the second
volume of the Magic Knight Rayearth artbook. It really
makes me to want to try out coloring with marker pens..
Too bad even the cheap ones are really, really expensive.

The american sailor scout guide: Sailor Mercury.

Ami in a red swimsuit.

Front page of the korean manga "President Dad" vol 1.

2nd-Jan-2012 04:24 pm - Happy New Year!

Last cg from 2011, Aeriseph :P I really love their dissidia clothes, altrough
Aeris wears a goth-loli dress I found for sale on Etsy not so long ago,..
I wish the coloring didn't look so flat and plain, but ow well...
Aeriseph is love
18th-Dec-2011 01:08 am - Treasure Princess!

Yuffie is done! and she turned out better than I first thought,
feels like I'm finally getting somewhere with making CG's.
The only issue I got is that my tablet refuse to draw straight,
the lines turn like zig-zag from time to time >: (

And up after Yuffie is my favourite FF7-girl, Aeris, who will
be rocking a 2011' spring Dior dress! ^_^)


Utena and touga<3
16th-Dec-2011 10:55 pm - Yuffie and Jean Paul Gautier?

Yuffie in last 2010's spring JPG-dress!<3
I decided I'd try to draw all the ff7 girls in dresses, yuffie is almost done,
Aerith needs lineart and I haven't started on Tifa yet. First time I
draw Yuffie actually, and it turned out great I think :3

But it took waaay too long time and at the top of it, I have exam in
Drug Dosage Calculations tomorrow...
Aeriseph is love

I'm so happy I finally managed to get over an authentic 50ml bottle of their first perfume release...
More than half of the bottles I've seen on Ebay have been fake T_T)...
Second hand, but unused<3

And the background is my lastest painting-project, I decided I wanted an Aeriseph-poster, so I bought
a massive german aquarella paper (Hanhemühle 60 x 80cm) and now, three weeks later I'm almost done.
Sephiroth turned out gorgeous, and Aeris turned out good I guess, its so hard to get her like I want..
The piece is too big to scan, but as soon as I've inked the lines, I plan on making a wallpaper for the Aeriseph
FC at Deviantart using it :)<3

Aeriseph is love
23rd-Nov-2011 12:16 am - Aerith in PS..

Feels like I'm finally getting somewhere with the task of coloring in PS :3<3
Reno slappar
13th-Nov-2011 07:01 pm - New layout + fanart
Got tired of the old layout, got a little bit too pink I suspect. I wanted a romantic theme, and since I've read a ton of 'aerisep' fanfic lately I thought I make a theme with them, and since they're such a 'dark' otp after all, I added some blood ^__^

The idea behind this sketch was good, although I did a pretty lousy job coloring it. I remember when the 'True Blood' (I think it was) trio got a magazine cover where they posed naked and in blood, and  I came to think that it would fit to add blood to these two as well, it fits since he kill her in canon after all... Very morbid I know, but it looks good visual :P
And when speaking about blood, as Sephiroth himself says in the brilliant ff Fool's Gospel --- "I hate you, for being so foolish as to think that you still aren't mine, that you could ever leave me, and that I wouldn't kill and paint the
walls of your church with the blood of a million more Turks if it meant I
could have what is mine."...

Aeris in a yellow dress with a yellow umbrella...

And a sleeping Sephiroth in fancy KH-gear... First sketch I ever publish on Deviantart...

Aeriseph is love
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